deepornot01588x400Signature Massage – A therapeutic massage that is developed specifically for you, based on your needs at the time of session. Utilizes a variety of modalities, including: Swedish, Reflexology, Trigger Point therapy, Shiatsu, Russian Sports massage, Structural Integration, and Acupressure. 60, 90, 120 minutes. Schedule.

ReflexologyReflexology is a method of addressing congestion in the systems of the body by affecting the reflexes in the feet and hands. The session may include the use of essential oils that assist in detoxifying and clearing the body and systems, depending on your goals for the session. Perfect as an enhancement (an additional 30 minutes) to a Signature Massage or as a complete session. 30 or 60 minutes. Schedule.

Couple’s Massage – 2 bodies/2 Massage Therapists. When your time and convenience are a priority, I work with another licensed massage therapist to attend you and your massage partner’s location – simultaneously – in Las Vegas, Henderson, or Clark County; we act as two separate businesses. I perform any Service above you choose & I will happily recommend another LMT that is available and will also address your needs & help you achieve your massage therapy goals. When you book online for this Service, I will call to confirm the details you Note about your desired schedule for 2 Massage Therapists to provide your massages. 60, 90, 120 minutes. Schedule.

Tandem Massage – 1 body/2 Massage Therapists. This specialty, four-hands massage practice follows a specific protocol, using Swedish, Sports, and tandem techniques that elicit a sense of balance and symmetry. If you want to “up your massage game” and want to have a multi-lateral massage therapy experience with a cadence that is both sedating and enlivening, book a Tandem Massage. This Service & its availability depends on two Massage Therapists and is currently available only in the City of Las Vegas and Clark County (the Strip). Meet other Tandem Massage LMTs: Ariana LaCour. 60 and 90 minutes. Schedule.

Chair MassageChair Massage, also known as corporate, event or seated massage, can be a convenient method of massage therapy. A chair massage session typically lasts 12-27 minutes, and is performed while fully clothed. Chair massage includes bodywork and somatic techniques, such as shiatsu and Swedish massage, provided to the fully-clothed client in a variety of settings. 8, 12, 18, or 28 minutes per recipient, starting in 60-minute blocks. Contact HIM for a quote.

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Business Card Design

I can assist you in designing a business card that “means business” : attractive, commented on, and functional…to include professional and your personal elements, giving your business card its own personality and charisma!  I can create with you and even place your order for you – delivered in as little as 3 business or 21 calendar days.  You decide!  portfolio. Contact David for a free consultation!  Book your card design time now (2-hour Initial time includes data gathering, image searches, design, draft approval(s), upload & ordering – additional time may be needed for extended resource utilization)

Massage Business Consulting

Getting Started? for Massage Therapists: Some services may include marketing suggestions & resources, ethical discussions, & business plan evaluation. This service is intended for practitioners that want to be or are considered Independent Massage Therapists (business license category) and may span a number of meetings, by phone or in person. suggested “first time” duration, 60 minutes. Schedule a meeting

Need a  jump start for your practice?  for Massage Therapists: Some services may include marketing development & design (branding), Vision creation/development, & business update/checkin. A Practitioner-centric & developed Plan is active during this meeting & is referred to, built upon, & tangible goals are recorded/achieved. This service is intended for practitioners that want to be or are considered Independent Massage Therapists (business license category) & may span a number of meetings.  Schedule a meeting


Scope of Practice – as defined by Nevada Revised Statute 640.C, my practice also includes the use of Hot Stones, hydrotherapy techniques, Craniosacral therapy, and optional therapeutic-grade essential oils and sound therapy – all when appropriate and available.

Client Information Management

The Hands In Motion Client Intake Form – In order to provide a safe and complete massage therapy service, personal and medical information is gathered from you about your physical state, both verbally at the time of your service (as it changes from massage to massage) and in writing. You may download or request by email this form prior to your first massage by HIM or anytime while you’re HIM’s client.

Confidentiality – All information, gathered via form or verbally, is and remains confidential.  Only with your written permission (of release of information to specific persons/businesses (form available from HIM)) or by court subpoena will your personally-identifiable information be released.