Music: Streaming Solitude…and permission to do so

I recently came across an FAQ that strikes a chord with me as an independent massage therapist, traveling from temporary residences, to permanent residences, to office spaces, to convention spaces…and I thought this might interest you all, too.

ASCAP is, basically, the music industry’s licensing agent – if someone wants to play publicly someone else’s music for money or in public places where business is being conducted, these are the guys to go to for permission (and usually a fee) to get a license to do so.

But, in my travels, I happened upon an FAQ page of a internet radio station that was pleasantly surprising. Although I may be a little late to get the memo, Radio Paradise quotes ASCAP’s “newly”-developed regulation, basically not requiring a license to stream publicly-broadcast music in certain places, spaces, and under more liberal conditions.

Check out this link for Radio Paradise’s explanation (ASCAP references and all):

It seems to me that (whenever I think of it) I don’t have to worry about streaming music anymore while I am doing an outcall massage – I now have to worry about signal strength & battery life!