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Increase your vitality and reduce recovery time with massage therapy

How many times have you said “I wish I had time for a massage”?  I’ll bet about as many times as you’ve said “I wish I ate healthier” or “I wish I got more than 6 hours of sleep (or less!)”.  These statements all recognize that you “wish” you could add even just one element of healthy habit to your life that would make relieving physical and mental stress so much simpler.

I’m here to tell you: it is possible!  Here’s how – you know:

A healthy mind and body can make your day more productive: massage therapy can bring back or maintain an optimal range of motion to that chronic shoulder or hip injury site or repetitive motion, and it may help you do more of the things you want.  Depression because of pain and symptoms that keep you from being “your best” is known to be one of the biggest obstacles in the way of a productive day…or even, life.

Help yourself!  Negotiate that depression: Help your body facilitate healing with these benefits of a massage:

  • More restful sleep
  • Increased range of motion of joints and muscles
  • Decreased pain & increased physical stamina
  • More!

…and MAKE the time, even if just a couple of times a month, to improve your physical and mental quality of life!  Meet that deadline, run ALL those errands, and take care of your loved ones more often and with more energy…and regular massage!

Hands In MOTION is just that: a mobile massage therapy service that comes to you: your home, hotel, or office, to bring the convenience of healing facilitation without the stress of travel, high spa pricing, or complicated/risky product application.  Find a time that works for you, and get ready to Relax, Revitalize, and Rejuvenate!

TIP: pick a time of day for your massage when you are typically most alert – being alert is a sign that your energy is at its peak, and so are your mental and physical functionality.  Get your massage when you are at your strongest, not your weakest or most vulnerable.

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will the Clark County Public Hearing matter anyway?

So, since the letter from Clark County Business License was sent to massage therapy business owners in the County in February, the Public Hearing regarding the proposed Ordinance 1713-07 has been postponed twice – now, it’s scheduled for May 21st, 9am, at the Clark County Government Center on Grand Central Pkwy in Las Vegas.

The only thing I’ve seen is that steam is building on the MT (specifically, Independents) side, and I’ve seen a few interested and opinionated Establishments get involved, too.  I am really anxious to appear, speak, and see who else is appearing to fight this attempted blow of oppression on an industry that is slowly tearing itself away from being associated with prostitution in this Valley.

But:  Will this steam be productive?  Has the Commission been “advised” already as to the potential and expected turnout from business owners that received the proposterous letter suggesting that massage therapy “crime” has increased and they need a way to keep it under control?

Will they realize (or have they realized) that this poor attempt to micro-manage massage therapy business owners to take the fall for an obviously non-oppressed prostitution industry is too feeble?

Why have they continued to put off a confrontation and a business owner’s right to voice their opinions about laws that they see as serving the safety of the public [Clark County]?

I think it is because there is no value in the proposal – they are attempting to levy power that constitutionally is reserved for the massage therapy business owners to do business according to the needs of their clients in a 24-hour, transient town.

Licensing is a recording and taxing method, not a “moral” issue, for which they’ve not proven there has been unruly law-breaking going on by massage therapists.  Only unrestrained prostitution is the concern, and the fact that the crime rate has gone up only shows that Metro is performing their duty according to the current law.

Since the Nevada State Board of Massage Therapists was created and made law in 2006 (grandfathering for currently-licensed MTs until July 1, 2007), the Board has shouldered the responsibility of verifying the professional credentials and legitimacy of MTs practicing everywhere in the state of Nevada – even Clark County.  The County no longer has to prove that an MT passes a Federal background check (for civil or criminal charges or convictions) or that an MT is qualified to do the work they advertise, based on industry-established norms.

Why make us pay?  Why continue with this proposal?  Why not support the District Attorney when prosecuting solicitation endictments?

I guess they’d have to triple the size of County Jail to incarcerate the convicted prostitutes, which would have more than the “none” (cited) fiscal impact that passing this Ordinance would have on massage therapy business owners.