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In a nutshell: Yes!

Hands In Motion offers two types of reduced-pricing for Services:

  • Loyalty-based: as David is committed to your getting regular massage, HIM reflects that in Series-pricing in my Massagebook Menu of Services. Essentially: when you prepay in bulk (eg. a Series of 5, 1-hour Sessions), you pay $10 less per Session; so, your per-Session cost is $60, not the single-Session’s $70. There are more Series-types and is more information on how to find those HERE.
  • Equipment-based: when you’ve already got the massage therapy table and linens (sheets) for use during your appointed Session with HIM, you receive $10 off each Session you buy as a single- or in a Series of Sessions. It’s a great time-saver for David to not need to bring a massage table into your home and not need to wash linens post-Session…and, he appreciates it with reduced-pricing for you!

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