Index of Terms

Glossary of terms that Hands In Motion uses

Massage Therapy (MT) is a relatively-young and ever-changing & -growing field. One of the professional duties I have is to work from a place of knowledge and wisdom when applying MT to a client-therapist relationship. I do this, in part, by keeping up on all the relevant information that exists and is being updated in the MT field…and that means working from a base of definitions, styles, techniques, and practices that not only I believe in, but also reflects what – truly – MT is.

I will be updating these ‘definitions’ (which you may find varied across your own resources) as my profession changes and my deepest sense of how I believe MT can improve my clients’ Quality of Life utilizing the ideas contained herein.

Massage: Massage is a patterned and purposeful soft-tissue manipulation accomplished by use of digits, hands, forearms, elbows, knees and/or feet, with or without the use of emollients, liniments, heat and cold, hand-held tools or other external apparatus, for the intent of therapeutic change.

Massage Therapy: Massage therapy consists of the application of massage and non-hands-on components, including health promotion and education messages, for self-care and health maintenance; therapy, as well as outcomes, can be influenced by: therapeutic relationships and communication; the therapist’s education, skill level, and experience; and the therapeutic setting.

source: Kennedy AB, Cambron JA, Sharpe PA, Travillian RS, Saunders RP. Clarifying Definitions for the Massage Therapy Profession: the Results of the Best Practices Symposium. International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. 2016;9(3):15-26. accessed Nov 18 2017 at